Juggling for the soccer player is the art of keeping the ball in the air by bouncing it off your foot, thigh, head, chest, back and shoulder (pretty much everything except hands).  This is a fantastic way for players of all ages to increase ball control and develop "touch" for the ball.  It is a skill that can be practiced by yourself, with a partner, or a group. 

The Purpose of the Storm Juggling Club is to build our player's technical skill and encourage them to use their soccer ball on a consistent basis.  The club allows all players to set individual goals, work to reach them, and receive recognition. 

The Rules are:

  • Players must demonstrate their ability to juggle the ball in front of their coach
  • Players U9 and under may start with the ball in their hands
  • Players U10 and up must start with the ball at their feet and use their feet to pick up the ball
  • Players U9 and below will be get their name on the leaderboard below when they reach 10 juggles
  • Players 10 and above will be placed on the leaderboard below after they reach 20 juggles

Juggling Leaderboard

Player  Team  Age Record
McCabe Owens U15 Boys 14 448
Lauren Montgomery U14 Girls   424
Vega Sproul U17 Boys 15 270
Jorge Jimenez U17 Boys 16 240
Tommy Scott U17 Boys 16 230
Sadie Owens U14 Girls   99
Kai Reece U10 Ocean 9 62
Josie Voight U10 Ocean 10 48