The club fully supports and requires that all coaches comply with the state associations policies regarding concussions, lightning, heat stroke, goal safety and other medical and safety issues found on the state web site.


The following expectations of coaches was unanimously approved by the OBX Storm Directors in their November 19, 2011 Director's Meeting.

Expectations of our Coaches

• Foster a love of the game. In your post game speech (and after each practice session) make the last thing you say to them a positive remark.

• Promote good sportsmanship

• Treat all players with respect

• Provide the opportunity for players to develop skills at all positions

• Provide your team with the best opportunity to succeed

• Teach players the how to win and lose gracefully

• Provide all players with the opportunity to start in a game

• Emphasize team development (treat everyone equally)

• Lead by example

• Evaluate players each and every season and place them appropriately based on their abilities

• Respect and support the referee

• Communicate effectively and regularly with parents (remind them not to coach but to encourage.)

• Refrain from using profanity.

• Be to your own practices and games early. (As a rule try to be the first one there.)

• Try and practice at least 2x per week in season. (try to finish each practice session with something fun)