Playing college soccer is a great goal!

OBX Storm socer players can make their way into a college soccer program by making smart decisions and working hard.  This section of the web site is designed to help the player and their parents better understand the process and to help them develop a plan to give their sons and daughters the best opportunity to play at the next level 

Information in this section was provided from a College Recruiting Seminar by NCSAA Coach Glenn Davis and Coach Joe Pereira, the Old Dominion University's Women's Soccer Coach held in Moyock, NC in the winter of 2012.

The two below guides were passed out at this seminar.

NAIA Guide for the college bound student athlete

NCAA Guide for the college bound student athlete


Visiting Colleges 101

I. Rules – some basics

A. Un-official – All expenses paid by student.

1. Can be done any time and as many times as necessary.

2. Can receive free tickets to sporting events.

3. Division I and III do not allow tryouts.

B. Official – Some or all expenses paid by college.

1. Seniors only.

2. Combined visits to Div I & II are 5 total allowed.

3. Div III & NAIA have unlimited official visits allowed.


II. Setting up Visits

A. Best in spring before summer break to talk to Soccer Coaches.

B. Good to go in Fall to see practice or games.

C. Ask Coach about visits, don’t wait for them to invite.

D. Talk to Admissions during visits.

E. Talk to counselor about classes and curriculum you would be taking.

F. Confirm date and time with coaching staff – respect their time.

G. Research NAIA and NCAA guidelines to find out when coaches can contact you. Until then you will have to contact them.

H. Camps – "I am coming to your camp this summer and want to talk about playing for you at camp."

I. Recruiting ID camps are usually held in January – March time frame.


III. Visits

A. Dress as if going to a job interview.

B. Bring: 2 copies of your transcript, Scouting report, Letters of recommendation, your schedule, DVD of skills/games, List of questions to ask coach. Know the school.

C. Parents should not talk unless asked direct questions.

Choosing a College Basics

I. Pick 3-5 colleges you would like to go to for a great education. Do as much research as possible to help you make an educated decision. Do not pick a college based solely on their athletics department.

II. If you would like to play sports at college, research the sports program you would like to participate in. Register for the College Athletics Clearinghouse to become eligible to play sports in college.

III. Contact the coaches/recruiters of those programs and let them know that you would like to play sports for them.

IV. Prepare a resume including academics, athletics, volunteer work, and other extra curricular activities. Prepare a video of you competing in your sport for the coaches to view.

V. Set up a visit with the athletic coaches to discuss you being recruited and possibly getting athletic scholarships (no athletic scholarships available in Div 3 schools). See “Visits 101” for more information on visits.

VI. Summer camps are a great way for you and the coaches to get to see each other in action. Remember that if you are not on their recruiting list before the camp, you will probably not be on it when you leave. Make sure the coaches know that you are coming and why.

VII. Do as much research as possible to learn all you can about college recruiting. Ask your parents, coaches, and guidance counselors for help.