OBX Storm had quite a few boys who had outstanding high school seasons. Here's just some of the accomplishments of our club members.

Keegan Beasley U16 Boys Team 4th in the state 1A division in goals and 4th in state in points. 1A Region 3 Conference Player of the Year: Isaac Eckard U18 Boys team 2nd in the state for division 2A in assists. Jorge Jimenez U16 Boys 3rd in assists in the state 1A division. Graham Smalley U18 boys team first in goals, points and assists in state 2A soccer. Also chosen for the All State 2A team. Grayson Shier U16 boys team was first in the state and second in the nation in goals against average. Valente Garcia U18 boys team was second in the state in goals against average. Ricky Sanchez U18 boys team as 6th in the state 2A division in goals as well as points.