OBX Storm Board Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2018




Call To Order

John Voight, Eliot Jones, Steve Smalley, Jordan Komarde, Cathy Baldwin, Shawn Deane, Allyson Sproull, Lisa Murphy, Steve Albright at 6:28pm

Approval of Agenda

Old Business

Allyson Sproul explained abuse prevention program and needs a contact list of all risk management individuals.  Needs codes of conduct.  Need plan for certifications and information sharing.  All volunteers will need approximately one hour of online training followed by short quiz.  Information to be provided by registrar and coaching directors.

New Business   

  1. Scholarship Requests:
    1. Krueger -  Request for general scholarship for membership dues.  Recommend denial by treasurer – unanimous to deny
    2. Castenada – Recommend $100 for Jack and $100 for Scott from Luke Sawyer Scholarship Fund for travel expenses to Wrangler McDonalds Tournament – unanimous to approve.
    3. Vincente - Recommend $100 for Jimmy from Luke Sawyer Scholarship Funds for travel expenses to Wrangler McDonalds Tournament - unanimous to approve.
    4. Ms. Murphy, Treasurer reviewed the financial reports with the Board. No action is required.
    5. Martin May GoFundMe Page Steve Smalley requested permission to send email support request to all members for a go fund me page benefitting Martin May.  Unanimous support.
    6. New Branding & Fall 2018 Jerseys - Justus at Premier is wondering if new logos will be on jerseys starting in the Fall of 2018. I know we discussed roll out but I’m not sure what the consensus ended up being?   Implement new branding on all teams for fall 2018/19 season.  Unanimous approval.
    7. C License Request – Jordan Kermoade - No action at this time. Discuss in August.
    8. Partial Refund Request - Mason Miller - Played one tournament in Spring then did Track and stopped training (7 out of 10 months) - $225 would be a refund of 1/3. No formal or written request has been made.  No action required.
    9. Nags Head Field Conditions – Improved Maintenance Request -can we get the fields overseeded with rye this winter.  John reported Dare has hired new turf management expert who will be implementing new management practices to improve fields. Need to confirm if schedule works with proposed tournament dates.
    10. Appointment of Registrar - needs to be in place for the fall 2018 season. No recommendations or nominations made at this time. 
    11. Open House/Registration - A date and itinerary for the 2018/2019 Season.  June 2

Adjourn at 7:41pm