OBX Storm Board Meeting Minutes

October 29, 2018 @ 6:00pm



Call To Order @ 6:13pm

John Voight, Cathy Baldwin, Alexis Kelly, Lisa Murphy, Steve Albright at 6:00pm  Steve Smalley @ 6:25pm.  Eliot Jones at 6:42pm.

Approval of Agenda

Old Business

Allyson Sproul explained abuse prevention program and needs a contact list of all risk management individuals.  Needs codes of conduct.  Need plan for certifications and information sharing.  All volunteers will need approximately one hour of online training followed by short quiz.  Information to be provided by registrar and coaching directors.

New Business   

  1. Scholarship Requests: Seth Fornaly 2005B, Aleandra “Brian” Valezquez Tozar 2004B,
  2. Financial reports for August and October presented by Mrs. Murphy.
  3. Aluminum Goals – Daryl to inspect and confirm logistics.
  4. 2005 B allowed to wear old jerseys
  5. Spring payment needs to start in November.
  6. Next meeting November 19 Monday at 6pm
  7. Registration process - online
  8. Annual membership meeting – January 28 AGM

Adjourn 7:57pm