OBX Storm Board Meeting
November 13, 2017

Members Present:
Barrett C
Eliot J
Steve S
Lisa M
Erin G
Cathy B
Shawn D
John V
Suzie N

Meeting Minutes

1. Approval of minutes from meeting 9/20/2017
a. Approved by Board 8-0
2. Financials
a. Tax return completed and will be mailed 11/14/2017
3. Fundraiser Recap
a. Raised over $6000
4. Sibling Discount with Scholarship Members
a. No sibling discount will be offered for scholarship players. Approved by Board, 8-0
5. Refund Request
a. Partial refund requested minus administration fee. Approved by Board 8-0
6. Date for AGM
a. Set for Monday January 22, 2018 at 6PM
b. Call to get room reserved for Parks and Recreation
7. Field Status
a. Nags Head fields - Officially closed as per Parks and Recreation. John V working to open communication and get field space
b. FFMS gym space –December 3-March 25, Sundays from 12-5PM
c. NHES gym space– Wednesday & Friday 5:30-7:30; Saturday & Sunday all day
8. Proposed revisions to Bylaws
a. Sanctioning of tournaments in Dare County
i. Proposed to leave as is and evaluate further next year. Approved by Board 7-0, and change O3 was eliminated
b. Amendments to be voted on at AGM
i. Proposed to leave by-law as is notated in current by-laws. Approved by Board 7-0, and change O5 was eliminated
c. Registrar Nomination
i. Proposed to leave Registrar as an elected position without pre-nomination stipulation. Approved by Board 7-0, and change O10 was eliminated
9. Next meeting: AGM on January 22, 2018