OBX Storm Board Meeting

May 8, 2017


Members Present:

Barrett Crook

Eliot Jones

Steve Smalley

Erin Groat

Cathy Baldwin

Shawn Dean

Suzie Neiderlander

Jeff Scott


  1. June 2017 General Member Meeting & Player Sign-up
    1. Saturday June 3, 2017 at Nags Head Fields, 10AM-2PM
    2. Food ideas: hotdogs, hamburgers, Jersey Mike’s subs, food trucks
    3. Will plan on Academy Welcome Session to take place this day. Academy friendly is already scheduled at 10AM
    4. Recruit parent and coach volunteers for food prep
    5. Players can come sign up for Fall 2017 season. Suzie will be present to collect money and paperwork.
    6. VSLI deadline is June 12th. Paperwork for teams planning on events prior to Labor Day will be due in July
    7. Multiple teams at 2005, 2006 birth years
      1. 2006 birth year: For Fall 2017, upcoming U12s will opt to stay within the Academy; however, the players will have the option of either being on the Academy or U12 travel team as there is a travel team also being formed at that age group
      2. Will have email blast sent to club participants discussing differences between Academy and Travel teams
      3. 2005 birth year: Requesting tryout for Fall 2017. Will have to see what numbers are for this year. If not enough for 2 healthy teams, will not have tryouts
      4. Bylaw Update
        1. BJ McAvoy, Suzie Neiderlander on committee
        2. Discussion on updating of verbiage
        3. Need to define what a “member” is
        4. Board member candidate electoral process revision
        5. Minutes to be approved at following meeting and then will be published to the club website
        6. Next meeting: June 12, 6PM at Nags Head Elementary School