OBX Storm Board Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2018


Members Present:

Eliot J

Steve S

Cathy B

Shawn D

Suzie N



Lisa M

John V

-New role Abuse Prevention Liaison will be filled by Alyson Sproul. Alyson will report back to the board after NCYSA training in Greensboro to roll out new requirements and procedures mandated by NCYSA.

-Email communication to all board members is available thru email account bod@obxstorm.net.

-Goals will be sandbagged at Firestation – Steve S

-Board position update: the board is currently seeking interested members to fill open roles
-Fundraising presentation

-New storm logo approved

-Fundraising and merchandise updated – Cathy B

-Approval of February 2018 meeting minutes. Approved 5 - 0


Dear Los Angeles, You are welcome.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic