Call To Order

Outer Banks Storm, Inc.

Board Meeting March 2, 2022 @ 7:00pm

Attendees include Alexis Kelly, Eliot Jones, Jamie Varnell, Jeff Scott, Joana Avila and Steve Smalley at 7:00pm via Zoom

Steve Albright joined at 7:06pm

Approval of Agenda

New Business

  1. EXPENDITURES – Update policy on making payments on the behalf of the club. A general discussion on making payments was conducted focusing on a shift to online shopping, purchasing and tournament registration requirements and trends. The following motion was made: The club will obtain two visa debit cards on the operating account. One will be issued to the Treasurer and one to the Registrar. Motion by Albright. Second by Scott. Vote unanimous in favor.

  2. CHECK SIGNING POLICY – A brief discussion on the history of check signing was discussed. It was explained that the current records are outdated. To address this and reflect current members, the following motion was made: Signors on checks shall be president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and registrar. Motion by Scott. Second by Jones. Vote unanimous in favor.

  3. FIELD SPACE – Smalley presented update on field space. Suggested that a parent group would provide stronger political influence than the Board of Directors. Maintenance is challenge and has been. All agreed on creation of subcommittee including OBX Storm, OBX Lacrosse, OBYSA and a representative of the men’s recreation soccer group. Indication of selecting Molly Gerganus to lead the group. Consensus was unanimous.

Adjourn 7:58pm
Minutes prepared by Steve Albright, Secretary, OBX Storm