OBX Storm Board Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2018 @ 6PM


 Call To Order Jordan Komarde, Cathy Baldwin, Shawn Deane, Lisa Murphy, Steve Albright, Steve Smalley, Eliot Jones@ 6:10pm

Approval of Agenda


Approval of Minutes

(A) May 21, 2018 & April 11, 2018 - Motion by Smalley second by Baldwin. Approved unanimously.

Old Business

1) Need to email membership on open positions:a) Registrar – paid position @ $2,000 per year
b) Bookkeeper – paid position @ $25 per hour
c) Treasurer – executive board position
d) Marketing product line coordinator
2) Email membership on July 1 deadline for registration
3) Tournament discussiona) Fields
b) Grants
c) NCYSA approval status
d) Online registration
e) Copa del Outer Banks

New Business   

  1. Partial Refund Request – 2004 Girls Team – Recommend proportional refund for any players paying for a full year. Not required per research by Lisa Murphy.  No action required

Consent Agenda – Record consent approval of:

  1. Coaching Change 2005 Boys – accept DOC Smalley’s recommendation for Doug Morris to be named head coach and Coran Newton Assistant. Thank you to both for their dedication.
  2. FFHS State Championship Transportation Request – DOC Smalley requested a $500 donation to the FFHS Women’s Soccer Team for coach transport to Raleigh. Request approved using Luke Sawyer funds. 
  3. Academy Director Jones requested approval of new academy jerseys.

Adjourn @ 7:05pm