OBX Storm Board Meeting

June 12, 2017


Members Present:
Barrett C
Eliot J
Steve S
Erin G
Lisa M
Shawn D
John V
Cathy B
Jeff S
Suzie N

1. Approve May 2017 Meeting Minutes
2. New Travel Team Formation
a. 2006 birth year opting to stay in Academy for 2017-2018 year for flexibility of rosters in case of absences
b. 5 v 3 – in favor of coaching appointments being brought to the board after approval of the DOC
c. Will inform 2006s/2007s of being able to get their spot back on Academy teams. 2006s can still have a travel team if they find enough numbers without borrowing from an already formed team
3. Academy GK Coach Compensation
a. Stipend increase to $225/season or $550/year plus child plays for free
b. OR if no child playing, compensate $600/year
c. Will wait to vote once Academy budget is reviewed
4. Financial Discussion
5. Referee Certification
a. Club offer to cover costs of referee certification course for players “graduating” from Storm
6. NCSYA Database Access
a. Vote to give Assistant Registrar access to database – approved by Board
7. SSL Certificate for Online Checkout
a. Would cost $50/year – approved
8. Late payment fees
a. $50 increase to season dues after July 1, 2017

Next Meeting July 17th – Possibly Parks and Rec press box