OBX Storm Board Meeting
August 7, 2017

Members Present:
Barrett C
Eliot J
Lisa M
Erin G
Steve S
Suzie N
John V
Shawn D
Cathy B
Jeff S


1. Minutes presented from 6/2017 meeting
a. Minutes approved by Board 9-0
2. Introduced new Academy Coach, new travel coaches
3. Discussed procedure to bring prospective coaches by the Board after selection by DOC. Will discuss with attorney if this falls within bylaws
4. 2004 & 2005 team numbers
a. For the Fall 2017 season, 2 players from 2005 team to be placed on 2004. Will start based on age then evaluate by ability, parental consent.
b. Will plan on pulling players from 2005 to 2004 for tournaments to be guest players
5. Fundraising Events
a. Sign for Satterfield Landing Park. Possibility to add on riders for fundraising opportunity
b. Womenless Beauty Pageant at Kelly’s November 4th
c. Fall fundraiser. Potential dates: 10/13, 10/28, 11/3
6. Financials

Next meeting Wednesday September 20, 2017