OBX Storm Board Meeting Minutes
January 22, 2018

Members Present:
Barrett C
Eliot J
Steve S
Erin G
Lisa M
Shawn D
Suzie N

Meeting Minutes

1. Approval of minutes from November 2017 meeting
a. Approved by Board 8-0
2. Financials
a. Budget presented for 2018. Approved by Board 7-0 to be presented to general membership
3. U9 Girls’ Academy Game Incident
a. Presented to ask parent to write formal apology letter to player. At this point, will table further disciplinary action. Approved by Board 8-0
4. Spring Academy Welcome Session
a. Aiming for end of February/beginning of March
b. Ask about printing costs for pictures to hand out for recruiting fliers
5. Proposed Revisions to Bylaws
a. Will wait to vote on revisions until full revised draft is presented
6. Elections
a. President: No nominees present at meeting. VP will fill in position in the interim.
b. Secretary: No nominees present at meeting. Treasurer will fill in position in the interim.
c. Director of Coaching: Steve S nominated. Approved by membership
d. Marketing Director: Shawn D nominated. Approved by membership
e. Email will be sent to the membership advertising 2 open board positions