OBX Storm Annual General Meeting

January 30, 2017


Board Members Present:

Barrett Crook, Eliot Jones, Lisa Murphy, Erin Groat, Shawn Deane, Cathy Baldwin, Steve Smalley, John Voight


  1. Financial Discussion – Lisa Murphy
  2. 2017 Budget – Lisa Murphy
  3. Open Discussion from Storm Members
    1. Items Discussed

                                               i.     Upload Board minutes to Storm website to improve communication to club members. If any questions arise with minutes from meetings or with any other aspect of the club, contact information for each Board member is listed on the website.

                                             ii.     Outline on club website regarding process of reporting requests for disciplinary action, chain of command for handling requests as well as consequences for offenses.

                                            iii.     Reiterated club plan to go age appropriate (i.e. all players in 2005 birth year will be on a team) for Fall 2017 as required by US Soccer. Decision regarding tryouts and team placements depend on final numbers for the upcoming Fall season.

                                            iv.     Thoughts on outreach into community for new players: continuing to work with OBYSA for recruitment, possibly recruiting from elementary and middle schools.

                                              v.     Sponsorship forms available on club website for both Academy and Travel programs.

  1. Board Positions Up for Election – Barrett Crook
    1. Vice President - Eliot Jones
    2. Treasurer - Lisa Murphy
    3. Recreation Director - John Voight
    4. Fundraising Director - Cathy Baldwin
    5. Board positions voted on and will remain as listed above
    6. Bylaw Amendments
      1. Uniforms – Motion voted on and passed by members
      2. Voting Members on Board – Motion voted on and passed by members
      3. Responsibilities of Registrar – Motion voted on and passed by members