Singer Cup State Champions!

The oldest boys team for the club has now won the Singer State Cup two years in a row.  Both of these teams worked extremely hard during the spring season to take their game to new levels. Many of these players on both teams have been playing together for close to ten years.  These spring seasons are good preperation for a successful high school season and winning these tournaments reflect the high level of skill, dedication and hard work of these players

Besides hard work and diiscipline of the players, Coach Jeff Scott attributes their success to numerous things.  This recipe of success includes:

-coaching help from assistant coaches, the Director of Coaching and others more knoowledgeable about the game

-committment from parents to get players to practice

-the willingness of parents to take additional players on weekends when their parents cannot make it

-good communication between coaches, parents and players and trust in the coaches that they have the interest of the player as a top priority

-an organized manager who goes the extra mile to make sure every detail is taken care of

-buy-in from all involved in the common goal of becoming the best player and team possible

-less emphasis on winning and more emphasis on learning from mistakes

 Congratulations to all these boys and parents!  We are looking forward to watching these players become successful in all their endevours in the future!

2017 Team

Top row L-R: McCabe Owens,, Lawson Eldridge, Lucas Neiderlander, Charlie Kitchin, Quinn Douglas, Crewe

Douglas, Trent Powell, Vega Sproul, Carlos Aguilar, Jeff Scott, Bottom row L-R Cane Lige, Rodrigo Lizama,

Wilmer Andio, Wade Denzin, Mast Lige, Noah Turbitt



2018 Team

Top Row L-R Ross Cipriano, Dean Torchia, Carlos Aguilar, Trent Powell, Stryker Owens, Lucas Niederlander

Charlie Kitchin, Tommy Mahler, Kyle Keller, Robert Peters, Jeff Scott  Bottom Row L-R McCabe Owens,

Ben Midgette, Jude Sproul, Cane Lige, Wade Denzin, Tanner Bouker

"If you want to be at the highest level then you have to really work hard everyday. I've earned it. I think that's why I have come so far."

Christian Pulisic