• OBX Storm/coaches will not tolerate behavior which discredits the Team, Club, League or our Community.

  • Be respectful towards teammates, opponents, coaches and referees.  Conduct yourself with honor, dignity, self-respect and self-control.

  • Accept decisions of coaches and referees with class and dignity.  Always shake hands after matches with both the opposing players, coaches and referees regardless of the outcome.

  • Do not criticize your teammates but rather be supportive at all times unless they are acting inappropriately or in a way harmful to the team.

  • Do not criticize the opponents of your team or their coaches.

  • The coaches shall hold us accountable for our actions and behavior.

  • Players shall arrive at least 5 minutes before practices and arrive at the field of play at least 45 minutes before games already dressed in complete uniforms.  Tardiness or absence without notification or good cause may result in disciplinary action, including reduced playing time.

  • It is the PLAYER’S responsibility to have all necessary equipment and uniforms for matches and practice, not the parent’s.  This means having both blue and white jerseys, socks, team shorts, cleats, shin guards, etc.

  • Players who do not abide by these expectations will be disciplined by game officials, their coaches and in extreme situations, Club and/or league/tournament officials.

  • Players shall not speak negatively about other players, coaches, referees, etc. on social media.

  • Inappropriate behavior, the use of profanity or the denigration of others on social media shall be grounds for disciplinary action.



This form below needs to be signed and returned to your coach along with your registration.

Storm Player Conduct