Our vision below is quoted from the club bylaws.

The Outer Banks Storm, Inc. (OBX Storm) exists to:

  • Foster the development of self-esteem, self-worth, and soccer skills of youth in DareCounty;
  • Remove barriers for playing so every child may have an opportunity to play;
  • Give opportunities for higher levels of play through challenge soccer teams;
  • Promote the many social, mental and physical benefits of youth soccer;
  • Encourage older, and more skilled players to invest time and talent with those at the beginning of their soccer experience;
  • Recruit and train individuals for coaching development;
  • Encourage parent and community involvement along with a fuller understanding and appreciation for the sport;
  • Collaborate with Dare County Parks and Recreation Department and other organizations interested in fostering youth soccer development;
  • Encourage soccer field development; and,
  • Give opportunities for people, businesses, and foundations to support the vision of the OBX Storm.
Kids should be allowed to play. They learn the most from their own mistakes, so give them the space to make mistakes.

Johan Cruyff