Our board is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers.  Elections are held yearly for these positions and tenure is for two years.


Jeff Scott
Jeff ScottPresident
Lori Warrender
Lori WarrenderVice President
Greg Sherman
Greg ShermanTreasurer
Molly Garavito
Molly GaravitoMarketing Director
Erin Harrell
Erin HarrellSecretary
Steve Smalley
Steve SmalleyCoaching Director
Jamie Varnell
Jamie VarnellRegistrar
Alexis Kelly
Alexis KellyRisk Management
Steve Smalley
Steve SmalleyTechnical Director
Alexis Kelly
Alexis KellyAbuse Prevention
Referee Assignor
Referee AssignorBarrett Crook
Why couldn't you beat a richer club? I've never seen a bag of money score a goal.

Johan Cruyff